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I’m Victoria Pinero, the founder of Vikki’s Naturals. After eating an unhealthy diet most of my life, I was stressed and depressed. I began researching more of an holistic approach and found Dr Sebi’s work. Within a week of switching to an alkaline diet , I felt better than I’ve ever felt before. This led me to source them myself and create capsules in my own home. I was amazed at how quickly I felt a change in my mood and body.

The herbs amplified the positive effects of the diet exponentially. When they saw the changes in me, my friends and family wanted herbs for themselves. They felt the changes too!


Natural Vegan

100% Natural ingredients

Natural Vegan

100% Natural ingredients

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Organic Leaf Tea

Daily Herbs

Bromide Powder

Bromide Powder provides high dose, plant-based antioxidants to combat the effects of pulmonary illness, respiratory issues, and minerals to improve bones and the thyroid gland. It decreases extra fluid and salt in the body,


Mullein helps reduce the effects of pulmonary and respiratory illness by replacing nasty mucus while easing harsh coughing.It helps fight off flu-causing viruses and cold symptoms with natural potent respiratory benefits


Sarsaparilla provides the highest concentration of Iron of any natural plant. It is used as an anti-cancer, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory supplement and helps to soothe rough coughs, fevers, and colds while naturally treating unwanted skin problems.

Need help in choosing the right product?

We are working with passion . We provide natural vegan products all over the world . If you are facing difficulty in finding the best product according to your disease just contact us by providing emails or visit our social media platforms for more information.
Before using our vegan supplements It’s highly recommended to consult your Doctor. 


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I have always been one to have digestive issues. After using Vikki’s natural supplements now after two weeks I feel too much awesome. My digestive system works perfectly fine

Sarah Jones

Happy buyer

I didn’t think this product would work. But it does curb your appetite. It also taste great. I’m getting ready to place another order.

Jessica Foxx

Happy buyer

I have kidney issues and ACV aids in the healthy function of my kidneys…but the taste is hard to deal with.
Vikki’s natural =problem solved…along with excellent customer service! Thank you!

Briana Luke

Happy buyer

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